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Go supersize yourself Sep 13

Feeling hungry at a station yesterday, I popped in to Burger King to get myself a Chicken Whopper meal. I ended up being relatively virtuous: I refused to “go large” (although this was undermined by the woman serving me, who charged me for a regular meal but gave me a large drink and large chips – sorry, fries – anyway), and I opted to lose the mayonnaise from my Chicken Whopper (as much to make it easier to eat and because I’m not a mayo fan, but also to cut the fat).

The best bit, though, was the fries: Burger King have stopped adding salt! They had a flyer to explain and everything. You can ask for salt, but by default they come without. Since I’ve never been able to fathom why people want to pile salt on their food (it doesn’t “enhance the flavour”, it makes it taste of salt!), I was very pleased.

In other weekend news, I’m one clue off solving Auraucaria’s devious prize crossword from Saturday’s Guardian, although one of my other answers is a little dubious.

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