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You are what you eat Apr 07

In one of my saddest moves ever, I have begun a food diary. As I’m several stone overweight, this is probably a good idea. It will last for a month, ending on polling day – so perhaps not the most typical month as I’ll be out campaigning at various points.

What makes it particuarly geeky, though, is that my cameraphone plays a central role. Oh yes.

I’m keeping track via a blog for convenience (and via Blogger too), but if you like watching paint dry, you can view the diary at

5 Responses

  1. 1

    Goddammit you son of a bitch, that was my livejournal idea. I would
    have done it as well, if only i’d worked out how to upload photos to
    my NTL webspace.

    Except the idea behind my food journal was not to lose weight, it
    was to make everyone really jealous of all the food that Jo made for
    me 🙂

  2. 2

    Also, Jo says that you don’t need a morning snack AND lunch, but
    apart from that you are doing ok. You could use more fruit and veg
    though – if you must have a midmorning snack, why not try an apple
    instead of those sandwiches? Juice is better than squash. Also, that
    pasta dish could have used some salad on the side. Maybe some chopped
    tomatoes with a bit of lettuce.

    I could get her to be your personal dietician via comments in
    your blog if you want. That “You Are What You Eat” programme is
    great TV.

    I’m just pleased that you are still emulating Fox Mulder with the
    seeds. Well done.

  3. 3

    Your personal dietician congratulates you on today so far. A vast
    improvement. Have you tried wholemeal bread though?

    Would have left a comment on the food diary itself, but you need a
    blogger account – you can’t leave ‘anonymous’ comments.

    Well done 😉

  4. 4

    I’ve changed the comment settings now.

    We don’t get wholemeal bread because white’s better for toasting. Maybe we should get two smaller loaves, one of each…

  5. 5

    You could try “best of both worlds”? Or keep a toasting loaf in the freezer which you toast from frozen…..