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To lack two looks like carelessness Apr 06

It was somewhat unexpectedly that I found myself on BBC Radio Five Live last Wednesday. They couldn’t get a LibDem MP on to take part in their top-up fees debate and so, prompted by a friend, I phoned in. Within minutes, I was standing in a quiet street in Westminster debating higher education funding live with Tory MP Charles Hendry and Labour MP Kevin Brennan.

It was more unexpectedly that I found myself at BBC Television Centre, home of said radio station, on Thursday. The NUS, this time, failed to offer a speaker to discuss political protest so the production team decided to call on “that good LibDem we had yesterday”. The debate was good fun, in the studio with Simon Mayo, although less adversarial than Wednesday’s.

Anyway, just to prove it, here’s a picture of me in the studio (in the corner) courtesy of the Five Live webcam.

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