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Barry Letts Oct 10

I was sad to hear yesterday that Barry Letts, erstwhile producer of 70s Doctor Who, has died at the age of 84. I met him once, at a convention in 1994, when he appeared on stage with Terence Dicks, the other half of their regular double act. He seemed a lovely man and was a great ambassador for the show. R.I.P., Barry – this song’s for you. I’m sorry it’s out of focus but I recorded it as live.

You can also watch it on YouTube and read the lyrics online here. You’ll notice I forgot to mention Sarah Jane Smith. Barry Letts was producer when she became the Doctor’s companion – without him, there would be no Sarah Jane Adventures.

Sarah Jane Adventures cinema trailer Sep 10

Via Angry Who Fan, here’s the cinema trailer for the second series of Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures:

On the ninth day of advent Dec 09

A special treat on the Doctor Who advent calendar today. If you’re looking forward to New Year’s Day’s introductory episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures (series title subject to change, according to DWM), take a look for a short clip.

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