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The Saturday List: My Doctor Who firsts Apr 03

What with the new series starting IN LESS THAN AN HOUR I thought I should write something Doctor Who themed today. Bit stream of consciousness this list:

  • First new TV story I saw: possibly Time and the Rani (I think can remember the giant brain) but if not then certainly something from season 25
  • First novelisation I read: The Daemons
  • First VHS I saw: probably Death to the Daleks (with Pyramids of Mars and Spearhead from Space around the same time)
  • First new TV story I saw as a self-defined fan: Dimensions in Time. Ho hum.
  • First novelisation I read: The Daemons by Barry Letts
  • First New Adventure I read: Nightshade by Mark Gatiss
  • First issue of Doctor Who Magazine I bought: don’t know the number but was probably around 1993 and had Sylvester McCoy in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy on the cover. I bought it from a small newsagent at the edge of the pedestrianised shopping precinct in Tunbridge Wells.
  • First VHS I bought: The Keeper of Traken, at the end of 1992. Also bought in Tunbridge Wells, in the WH Smith in the Victoria centre. What useless things we remember.
  • First convention I went to: Blue Box III in Southampton in 1994.
  • First Doctor who’s younger than me: Matt Smith.
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