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Eurovision: What if there were only juries? Aug 09

August isn’t the most topical month for a Eurovision Song Contest posting. At May’s content, juries were reintroduced to combat allegations of political voting, with each country’s votes being decided half by phone vote and half by a jury of “industry experts”.

The European Broadcasting Union has now revealed what the results would have been if voting had been by jury only. Norway would still have won, although not by as huge a margin. Here are the jury and actual votes side-by-side.

Position Jury votes Telephone votes Actual result
1 Norway (312) Norway (378) Norway (387)
2 Iceland (260) Azerbaijan (253) Iceland (218)
3 United Kingdom (223) Turkey (203) Azerbaijan (207)
4 France (164) Iceland (173) Turkey (177)
5 Estonia (124) Greece (151) United Kingdom (173)
6 Denmark (120) Estonia (129) Estonia (129)
7 Turkey (114) Bosnia & Herzegovina (124) Greece (120)
8 Azerbaijan (112) Russia (118) France (107)
9 Israel (107) Armenia (111) Bosnia & Herzegovina (106)
10 Greece (93) United Kingdom (105) Armenia (92)

The most notable difference from a UK perspective is that the music industry experts put us two positions up, in third place. Perhaps they were more likely to be sympathetic to a Lloyd Webber track than Europe’s wider population? Phone voting alone would have placed the UK tenth.

Both Greece and Turkey – upbeat tracks with strong performances on the night – found more favour with the audience than with the juries, while France’s ballad and Israel’s “worthy” entry reach the juries’ top ten, but not the audiences’.

The EBU has also released full country-by-country breakdowns of the voting. The UK scored six 12s from juries, but only one by phone vote (and only one on the night). Here’s how the votes cast by the UK through telephone vote and jury vote compared.

Points Jury votes Telephone votes Actual votes
12 Germany Turkey Turkey
10 Iceland Greece Norway
8 Norway Lithuania Iceland
7 Malta Norway Germany
6 Turkey Malta Malta
5 Ukraine Iceland Greece
4 France Azerbaijan Lithuania
3 Bosnia & Herzegovina Denmark Azerbaijan
2 Armenia Germany Ukraine
1 Azerbaijan Portugal France

I’m surprised to see that Germany’s swing number topped the UK’s jury vote – but the jury was outvoted by the audience, who managed to get the 12 points for Turkey while placing Germany ninth. Norway’s strong performance on both lists contrived to place it second overall, higher than on either. Again, Greece fared much better with the telephone voters, as did Lithuania, Denmark and Portugal.

If you take a similarly geeky interest in how the votes from each country were affected, you can download the full voting data from the Eurovision website.