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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-04 Nov 04
  • Amused that my phone is playing me ELO’s “Calling America” today… #
  • @RyanAlexander See for tags #
  • @edtrelinski Good luck today! #
  • @flashboy I’ve just explained to someone chiding me for using my phone in the 90-minute meeting I was in that I’d’ve missed it if I hadn’t. #
  • @bobbyllew Just think how young you’ll feel if McCain wins… #
  • I have just seen a TARDIS coffin on the news. I am as gobsmacked as I was when I heard of the theme tune being played at a funeral. #
  • @lynncorrigan I had some of that last week. Was surprisingly nice! #
  • Watching Flight of the Conchords while waiting impatiently for election news. #
  • @edent Washington D.C. the 51st? #
  • @alexfoster Saw Tina C in Edinburgh. Very good fun. I asked her about the credit crunch… #
  • Dimbleby: “Now to ‘patronise’ means to ‘talk down to’…” #
  • Vine: “To demonstrate the electoral college, I’ve made this lovely electoral collage.” (Sorry.) #
  • @Suw Exit polls? #
  • Rupert Murdoch doesn’t want Obama to win. If there weren’t already enough reasons to support him… #
  • ITV coverage amazingly looks like it might be more entertaining. #

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