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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-14 Oct 14
  • Briefly fascinated by the fact that there appears to be one direct train from here to Guildford every day. And today it is cancelled. #
  • At London Bridge before 7. That is not normal. #
  • @wherenext I can haz treasure 🙂 Don’t know why it’s upside down… #
  • @anniemole I can’t believe no-one mentioned Mecca Bingo during that SocialMediaCamp session 🙂 #
  • I reckon I’ve walked 6 or 7 miles this morning. Sausage and bacon rolls as reward. Nom nom nom. #
  • @minifig I can’t believe there’s a Saw V opening next week. Or that I’ll probably go… #
  • @abarge I am. I have several precious things 🙂 #
  • @billt I think your clue was one of the treasures I collected this morning. #
  • @tomtaylor I think I’d go to see that if was in the West End. Or if (in_array($show,$westEnd))… #
  • @mysociety Happy birthday! Wish I could make the bash tonight. #
  • @Paul_Cornell Welcome to Twitter! #
  • @reyes I got up very early this morning 🙂 #
  • Finally got email settings on my phone sorted for those rare occasions I want to send a media file and can’t use Gmail. #
  • Dear Southern, The point of a Next Train To board is to list the next train to a destination, not the train after. Love, The Commuters. #
  • Dear Southern, Sending us running from platform 14 to 9 only to then change from platform 9 to 13 at the last minute is FAIL. The Commuters. #
  • @secretlondon We got there at 6.45 and just got in but could easily not have done… #
  • Blogging about today’s magical mystery tour around central London: #

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