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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-13 Oct 13
  • Did I mention that I turned down the chance to film Joanna Lumley today? Too much else on 🙁 #
  • Distracted on way to office. Mirror in lift made some hairs in my beard look grey (clearly blond). Then random jar of peanut butter in hall. #
  • What’s the capital of Iceland? About £3.50… #
  • From canteen kitchen: “They’re green beans, not runner beans.” “Oh. Why are they called runner beans then?” “They’re not runner beans.” #
  • @anniemole @Chris_Reed There’s MP @joswinson too. We’ve also got quite a few parliamentary candidates like @duncanhames and @mpntod #
  • @stephenfry You’re on the Old Kent Road? #
  • @girlonetrack I could murder a French Fancy right now. #
  • Forget the banks, the government needs to take immediate action to dramatically increase IT literacy or I may actually be driven nuts. #
  • Scenes outside Parliament on TV don’t bode well for getting to the Tube… #
  • Peers voted down 42 days. Undemocracy triumphs, thankfully. #
  • It occurs to me that the Royal Bank of Scotland is now the National Westminster Bank. #
  • @PBizzle It’s good news! #
  • @wherenext Thanks for following me, which has led to me traipsing around London in the dark. #
  • @wherenext Ah, OK, cool. Have a growing list of places to look. Three tonight but may have missed in the dark. #
  • Woah, Elizabeth: The Golden Age real throws historical accuracy to the wind, doesn’t it? #
  • @jamesgraham Watched the first one yesterday. Certainly better but didn’t think it was fantastic either. #
  • @jamesgraham My word, the Tilbury speech is awful. Aiming for Henry V and missing by a mile. #
  • And now they’ve mistaken the Spanish Armada for Pirates of the Caribbean. Started dull but worthy; now it’s rubbish. #
  • I am fully expecting the King of Spain to resign. Or Elizabeth to fight a duel with him. #
  • @jamesgraham I am indeed. Thankfully it’s over now and LoveFilm can replace it with something better. #
  • @po8crg They rewrote it! #
  • @wherenext OK, have stayed up too late solving clues, thanks 🙂 Now to see how much time I’m actually going to have tomorrow to hunt… #

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