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BBC News counterpoint of the day Aug 31

Screengrab from BBC News

That should be very easy, Mr Straw, what with the UK being nowhere near New Orleans.

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    Using Twitter as a duplicate RSS feed? Tut tut, Mr Howells! Bad twittiquette!

  2. 2

    I remain in two minds about it. If you’re getting inundated then it’s annoying, but having got very behind with my feed reading, I’ve found Twitter notifications very useful. Also in two minds about having my twits posted to the blog – it kind of makes sense given that stuff I’d previously have blogged about now ends up on Twitter, but it does rather drown out anything else.

  3. I don’t mind it – it sort of makes sense for those people who don’t blog daily, or to a regular pattern, to use the tweet alert feature. It would be annoying for people who blog multiple times a day – JMG, for example.

    And I was in two minds too about archiving my tweets, which feel a little ephemeral and not worth holding on to. But keeping a record helps remind me that I do need to keep responsible in what I say, since if I say something off, it will be seen by my opponents!

  4. 4

    I just think that Twitter is a place for hand-crafted verbal snapshots, not for auto-generated alerts. The new post alerts don’t sit right with the rest of the content (or at least that’s the case in my version of the Twittersphere). If people want to be alerted to new posts, then that’s what feed readers are for. And if they’re already subscribed to your feed, then they don’t need the same information duplicated elsewhere. A lot of us are already deluged with too much info as it is, so I think it’s good to streamline and rationalise how that info is delivered. I also know that some people automatically unfollow on principle when auto-alerts are activated, so there’s a certain risk in that regard.