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Whipping It Up Apr 14

To the New Ambassadors Theatre last night to see Whipping It Up, a comedy about Conservative Party whips written by Steve Thompson.

The play was pretty funny – the first half slightly more so than the second – with a few jokes that had we Lib Dems in the back row laughing particularly knowingly at. Robert Bathurst (from Steven Moffat‘s Joking Apart) and Richard Wilson (from Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who and the Empty Child) deservedly took top billing in the cast of six. I noticed that the role of the junior whip – played by an understudy – was usually played by Lee Ross, from EastEnders, The Catherine Tate Show and Steven Moffat’s Press Gang.

The play is set a few months into a Cameron government with a small majority, and I’d recommend it, especially to politicos.

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