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2007 Bloggies – vote now Feb 01

The 2007 Bloggies voting phase is now on – voting closes tomorrow, so vote now. The marvellous Peter is up for the lifetime achievement award in a very difficult field – against Slashdot and Wil Wheaton amongst others – and will be getting my vote.

Nominated in the Best-Kept Secret Weblog category is Woof Woofington, a blogging dog. Hmm. I can’t help thinking I’ve seen that template used elsewhere – maybe 8 out of 10 dogs prefer pink.

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    Well, if you are going to promote people for Bloggies, then can I suggest you look at Kathy Maister’s nominated in the food category – it’s a great site for those who are just srtaing to cook – as welll as being a really well designed site.

    [disclosure: she’s my aunt – Liberalone]