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Webcameraon Oct 01

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with an idea that you just can’t resist pursuing, despite the possibility of coming out of it looking like a berk. I’ve had such a morning today, and consequently am now able to present to you Webcameraon.

You can also watch on Google Video.

(If you have no idea what on Earth prompted this moment of madness, you probably haven’t seen Webcameron.)

Update: Stephen Tall has posted his own take on Dave’s videos.

13 Responses

  1. Very good Will. Worth doing. Those corks in wine bottles can be particularly stubborn, can’t they?

  2. 2
    Ben J 

    Erm, yeeees. Do I get compensated for those four minutes of my life, or are they gone for good now? 🙂

    (Oh, and was that *really* caviar? It looked a bit grainy…)

  3. 3

    You can collect your refund on the way out.

    And yes, that really is caviar…

  4. Bastard, you beat me to it. Except I was going to be “unexpectedly caught” shaving, and in bed (sleeping).

    I’m going to have to do something serious again instead now.

  5. 5

    I just can’t do serious… Sleeping was on my list of other ones to do should I be at such a loose end again.

    I worry now that there’s a section of the blogging community who will never forgive me for depriving them of a Stephen Tall In Bed video.

  6. 6
    Rob F 

    You are a *genius*

  7. 7

    *Genius* he may be, but a genius that needs a shave!

  8. 8

    Genuinely brill.

  9. No-one *needs* a shave!

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