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Who-go Award Aug 28

Sci-fi fans will likely have heard of the prestigious Hugo Awards. On Saturday night, top notch Who writer and all-round good chap Steven Moffat won this year’s Hugo for “Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)” for his two-part Doctor Who story “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances”. Congratulations to Steve, and to fellow nominees Rob Shearman and Paul Cornell, also good chaps, who were both nominated in the same category for their excellent Eccleston episodes. Paul is writing for the next series so he may be wowing the Hugo voters again quite soon.

Meanwhile, the Emmy Awards have been dished out. Kelly Macdonald won one for her role in the dreadful drama The Girl in the Cafe and Tony Shalhoub picked up another award for his starring role in the marvellous Monk (albeit as best comedy actor for something which really isn’t a comedy). I was particularly pleased to see Alan Alda win “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as Arnold Vinick in The West Wing (at least he won something), which, the Beeb tells me, makes The West Wing the joint biggest Emmy winner ever with Hill Street Blues.

Coming up this week on No Geek Is An Island…

More Edinburgh Fringe reviews (most of the shows have already finished, so no rush)… The West Wing season 4… I might finally get around to joining in with the 25 Lines meme… I also fancy doing the Favourite TV Characters meme… And finally, a detailed tract on how liberal principles and the writings of Jeremy Bentham* and John Stuart Mill can be applied to save the health service, defeat anti-social behaviour and solve the conflict in the Middle East once and for all.

That’s more of an aide memoire for me than a trailer. Usually when I make lists like this, some of the posts never materialise. (I’m putting my money on the last one.)

*not him

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  1. Glad it ain’t just me who does aide memoire posts and then forgets everything anyway!

    BTW passed a store in Nottingham this weekend and they had a model/dummy in the window with a gasmash on. Thanks to cloud for pointing it out: I was completely freaked out as this now totally reminds me of “Are you my Mummy?” ARGH!!!