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Hurrah for Charlie Brooker Aug 04

Watching Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe on BBC Four last night, I was reassured that my DVD collection isn’t as unfashionable as I thought: Brooker praised Columbo, possibly the least hip box sets I own. He also rightly recommended Monk, a marvellously amusing (if not too intellectually taxing on the Whodunnit scale) US series about an obsessive-compulsive detective.

But the highlight of this week’s Screen Wipe for me was his description of Elizabeth Estensen off of Emmerdale Farm (call it by its name) as

“Elizabeth Estensen from The Liver Birds and T-Bag.”

There is no logic to it; it just pleased me.

Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet was, as Alex says, a bit hit and miss, but the Doctor is worth the monsters hits were worth the misses and the combined average was well above par.* My favourite bit (as picked out too by Paul Evans in Alex’s comments box) was Stewart Lee’s line

What is more disgusting, a girl singing with her guts hanging out and her intestines slung over her shoulder… or the institution of the monarchy?

Roll on next Thursday.

*”Above par” is in golf, of course, a bad thing, but here I’m using it to mean a good thing.

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