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Audition #1 Aug 03

This week’s excitement was a trip to rainy Glasgow for a quiz show audition – my ninth, I reckon – for a programme called 1 vs 100. It will be the new Saturday night lottery show so if I get on (no guarantees – they’re seeing about 2,000 people but it wasn’t clear how many they need) it’ll be my first foray into primetime BBC1 telly. (ITV1 is the only terrestrial channel I’ve not been on, but I can’t say it’s something I aspire to, TV snob that I am.) You can read a bit about the show in this press release. Like Deal or No Deal, it’s being made by Endemol and the format has been successful abroad.

The three-hour audition was the longest I’ve ever been to. There were sixty of us and we were given written tests (which were fine) and then short interviews on camera to show our personalities (trickier). I talked about blogging and generally sounded like a geek, but fingers crossed I came across OK. I should find out in September if I’ve got on.

Next Wednesday I have the second of my two auditions, for which I’ll be making my first trip to Leith. You go without for years and then two come along at once. This one will be for Countdown.

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  1. 1

    I am due to attend a Deal or no Deal Audition in 2 days, i’m not that worried but very excited and as you can imagine would love to get through.

    Could you be a sweethart and tell me what goes on at the 3 hr audition, so i can prepare myself and get a heads up…also any tips you think would be relevant.

    Thanks a million in advance.

  2. 2

    Hi, were you successful.
    Could you email and let me know as the info would be helpful