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We are men, hear us roar Jul 31

I was expecting the (admittedly not too taxing) effort involving climbing a hill to have left my typically sedentary legs aching today so I’m pleased to report that my joints are ship shape and painless.

Peter and Alan have put up some much better photos, countering my omission by including actual people in them. (There are a few more too on Peter’s Flickr.)

On the way upThe conquistadors at the summit

3 Responses

  1. 1

    Bravo. I’ll definitely be at the next one (presuming I’m given more than one day notice!)

  2. 2

    Nice pictures of you Will! And the weather looked good too! Shame about the short notice!

  3. 3

    Twelve days’ intended notice were shortened to five, to accommodate the only two people who’d shown interest in the idea, and incidentally who wanted it yesterday. I agree there have been (much) longer timescales for other meetings. Frankly I’m not a person who’s booked solid for months on end.

    But worry not – there will be more.