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Shameless promotion Jun 04

My home broadband is from a company called Madasafish. While that may not seem immediately promising, they’re as fast as BT – since they use the same exchanges – and cheaper. The normal price is £17.99 a month, but you get the first six months at £11.99 a month, so the first year (which is as much as you need to sign up for) average at £14.99. It’s not unlimited usage, but you get 5Gb inclusive each month, and it’s £2 for each additional gigabyte. I’ve found them very good value for money even though I sometimes go over the download threshold. There’s also a pricier account that comes with 20Gb. The couple of times I’ve used their customer support they’ve been very helpful and polite and sorted out any problems quickly.

Why I am writing this? Because if you sign up using this link (or an ad on this blog), they’ll credit your account with £10 and give me £20. So it’s in my interest to get you signed up 🙂

While I’m at it, here are a couple of genealogy recommendations which I don’t get paid for. Ancestry now have the 1841 census online, meaning that all seven England & Wales censuses from 1841 to 1901 are now available through their site. There is a subscription fee, but if you’re doing a lot of research it’s well worth it.

Another source for genealogical research is the Society of Genealogists. It’s not cheap to join, but members get a quarterly magazine, some free credits for Origins, and, most importantly, free access to the Society library in London, which is full of useful resources, especially parish registers.

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    Its just like heroin dealers handing out the first few wraps to children for free. What next? McDonalds ads?