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Good things May 18

Cheer up! The Government (read: Tony Blair) may be increasingly psychotic, America may fancy nuking I-ran and Big Brother 7 may start tonight, but I have some more positive miscellanies to share – in addition to the aforementioned Sudoku thing (which is on June 7th, by the way).

• I have started learning Mandarin:

我是 Will

(nod, and apologies if I have written something inadvertently offensive)

• I have fallen for the TV advertising and switched from Morrisons trifles to Activia yoghurts – they contain Bifidus digestivum and that’s Latin so it must be good for you.

Doctor Who is doing grandly in the viewing figures – even better than last year!

• I am now an administrator on the English Wikipedia.

4 Responses

  1. 1

    To the best of my knowledge, because stomach acid kills just about everything (including latin microbes), you’d have to drink pints and pints of yoghurt for it to make a difference to your “balance”.

  2. 2
    James Bee 

    I was under the impression that the microbes in these yoghurts outcompete and eventual kill all the other good microbe strains in your tum, and so are actually a pretty bad thing. Which ever one of us is right you should lay off them then.

  3. 3

    Aw, come on now, the adverts say they’re good for you! And they really do reduce digestive discomfort.

    My multiobiotic vitamin supplements have these good bacteria in too.

  4. 4

    (words of encouragement, not offence!)