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Toby Stephens Apr 10

How did I miss this? The Actor Toby Stephens – whom you may knowing from such TV series as Cambridge Spies and Waking the Dead, or as the villain in the awful Bond film Die Another Day – is the son of Maggie Smith and the late Robert Stephens.

Stephens, regardless of his other roles, was the evil Abner Brown in the BBC’s classic adapation of John Masefield’s The Box of Delights. And Smith, regardless of her other roles, was marvellous in Murder by Death.

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  1. […] Severance pitches itself as a comedy horror film, but is neither funnier enough to class as a comedy, scary enough to be horror, nor surprising enough to be a decent thriller. There’s plenty of violence, most of which seems to be about grossing out the audience – not gratuitious exactly, but it lends little to the story, such that it is. This involves a group of (fairly unlikeable) characters becoming stranded in a forest in Eastern Europe and getting butchered – not exactly the most original concept in the canon of modern horror. The cast – which include Tim McInnerny off of Blackadder and Toby Stephens – are little more than OK, with the overpromoted Danny Dyer being a particularly noticeable detraction. […]

  2. […] toby stephens(I wrote one post, for goodness’ […]