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Some complaints Feb 24

Oh dear. For the second night running I’m watching BBC One’s Just the Two of Us. I’m not even taking half an hour out for The IT Crowd because I watched it online yesterday.

Despite the title, Just the Two of Us is not a new version of a 1980s Nicholas Lyndhurst sitcom (Pat Troughton was in the first series, by the way, but then he died). It’s Strictly Come Dancing but with songs. I suspect that any of the “celebrities” who went to stage school have an advantage. It’s hosted by “real life couple” Tess Daly and Vernon Kay. I wonder if they’re contractually obliged not to split up for the duration. I guess celebrity’s usually pencil in a date with Hello! months in advance these days.

One-and-a-half hours of the Friday night schedule this “entertainment” show is. At least if it was an actually music programme à la Jools Holland the singers would be able to sing.

For the record, Nicky Campbell’s singing hasn’t soothed my sinuses. I’m coughing painfully, have no sense of smell and have run out of Ibuprofen. Oh, and the bread’s gone moldy. I’m going a bit spare and will take myself to bed soon before I start posting even more incoherently. I’ve had chicken and vegetable soup. Not sure how it tasted.

I listened to a bit of Any Questions earlier as the Huhnemeister was on. I had to turn it off, though, as I find it unbearable. At least Question Time comes with colourful pictures to distract from the inanity and a marginally preferable Dimbleby.

Anyway, yeah, goodnight…

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    Chop up some fresh ginger and simmer in in hot water on the hob. melt in honey and some fresh citrus juice. preferabley orange.

    Its a great decongestant. also euycalytus oil on your pillow clothes etc.