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I read it there first Feb 20

Doctorvee expressed concern last week that Owen Barder‘s satire has become the future. First, there was the abolition of democracy. Then, on Thursday he spoofed the Government’s “respect agenda” by suggesting they would ban swearing.

Today, The Mirror reports that:

Teenager Kurt Walker was given an £80 fine for saying “F*** all”.
Kurt was walking to the youth centre where he works as a volunteer when he stopped to talk to three friends. One asked what he had been doing. He replied: “F*** all, mate.”

The policewoman, who had been telling off another teenager for riding his bike in a skateboarding area, overheard the remark and fined him for using “threatening, abusive or, insulting words”.

2 Responses

  1. 1

    Was great to meet you Will. This just smack of yet more infringements on free speech, either that or the policewoman concerned didn’t have enough to keep her occupied…

  2. 2

    Hmmm I dunno.. Smacks more of zero tolerance than “infringement of free speech”. He wasn’t exactly expressing an opinion, was he?