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The Robots of Text Feb 17

Via Nick I learn of the glorious site Tom Baker Says. He suggests that the sort of (hypothetical) sad person who’s been spending money sending amusing text messages to their new BT landline (not installed specifically for the purpose. Er, I imagine) might save a few bob by visting the site instead. Or they may just get ideas 🙂

I heartily recommend Video Killed the Radio Star. A work of genius.

One Response

  1. Richard’s got to go off for the weekend, so he’s been knackeredly trying to pack and I’ve been glum. Then magic Dr Will* told me about this Tom page and I laughed ’til I cried, despite our wind-up PC meaning we can only listen to Tom Bakaraoke in fits and starts. Two splendid pictures on that page to keep your attention, though.

    I want to hear him say “Impudent worm.” Possibly in answer to “Didn’t we used to be married?”

    *Soon to be available in Snake Oil