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When politicians surprise Jan 06

Sometimes politicians can really surprise you. There he was on live TV, both shocking and disconcerting.

“Gorgeous” George Galloway is in the Celebrity Big Brother house. I hadn’t heard the rumours so my jar dropped when he appeared. My favourite moment was the gloomy look on Michael Barrymore’s face when he saw Galloway enter.

The producers have put a non-celebrity in the house too. Her task is to convince the others that she’s as much of a celeb as them – and in some cases she is. It shouldn’t be hard – many of them hadn’t heard of each other. Some of the younger ones didn’t even know Rula Lenska. Have they not seen Queen Kong?

There was another news story, of course. Apparently CK is a Leo McGarry. Iain Dale (via Guido) has some thoughts about ITV News’s Daisy McAndrew’s involvement in this revelation, while James Graham has some interesting comments to make. I disagree, though, with his labelling half the LibDem shadow cabinet the “Brutus XI”. Brutus’s lot were quick and effective, not a bunch of ham-fisted bun vendors.

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