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Size matters Sep 13

Apparently, Alan Rusbridger would like us to “emailtheguardian with opinions on its new Berliner format. Get with the programme daddy-o! No-one emails anymore. Don’tcha know it’s the blogs where it’s @ now?


All in all, I think the new Guardian is pretty good. Yes, and pretty. (I was a mite touched that Saturday’s paper concluded with “The End”, sensitive soul that I am.) The size is much better and just right for folding on the train without bashing the person next to meyou in the face.

There are, of course, some ways it could be improved, and I sense a blogosphere consensus on some of these. There seems to be little enthusiasm for the new masthead, with its rather passé combined lower case words, and there are concerns about the use of white space and the rather large drop caps.

My wishlist

  • Less white space under headlines and in the Comment section
  • Footnotes are a good idea, but not when tackily designed to look like hyperlinks
  • Restructure the crossword so that it fits in a quarter of the page (so that the paper can be folded comfortably behind it) and move the setter’s pseudonym back above the grid

G2 is a handy size now, and although the terrestrial TV listings have been relegated to the inside, they do now have digital listings located more conveniently alongside. There is also a kakuro puzzle, the rather more mathematical cousin of sudoku.

See also: doctorvee, Chris A, Mike.

4 Responses

  1. 1

    Perhaps this is me being an Engineer rather than a mathmo, but I thought the orginial Sudoku did involve mathematics just not arithmetic.

  2. After seeing Kakuro in the Guardian for the first time I decided to put together a Kakuro site :

    I hope to add new Kakuro puzzles daily once it’s settled down.

  3. Kakuro is definitely worth a try if you like Sudoku. Check out the enormous “impossipuzzles”:

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