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My big fat guilty pleasure Aug 27

Here’s a TV recommendation for digital viewers: an American show based on The Apprentice. Instead of Donald Trump, this Fox version features billionaire N. Paul Todd and his company IOCOR.

Except there is no N. Paul Todd, and no IOCOR – they are fictional, invented to string along a bunch of apprentice-wannabes who are set stupid sales tasks and happily absorb nonsensical management techniques. It was mostly schadenfreude but I laughed like a drain, not least when Todd impressed them by taking them round his mansion (hired for the day) and showing them the pride of his art collection: the original Excalibur.

The whole thing looks like a cheap knock-off of The Apprentice and Rebel Billionaire. One of the contestants even comments, “Donald Trump or Richard Branson wouldn’t make us do this.”

It’s all very silly but good fun (so far) for a lazy afternoon – although unsuccessul in the US where it was axed before finishing its run. Tune in to E4 at 16.05 on Sunday.

PS: This post was not intended to offend The Magic Numbers.

2 Responses

  1. 1

    with a post title like that i was hoping for something more sordid. oh well

  2. 2

    This is one of those rare programmes that has had me laughing until I can hardly breathe. The slithering around both female and male contestants from the boss and his apparently gay assistant are cringing. Brilliant TV. I don’t normally watch american TV programmes, but this is great – better for the fact that they are such yee-hah go-getters. A British version would be nowhere near as funny.