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Geek brothers, unite Aug 10

Rafael at the Observer blog has come up with a lovely turn of phrase to describe Big Brother contestant and erstwhile Labour council candidate Eugene Sully:

He is geekier than the IT support team at a Trainspotters v Star Trek fans maths olympiad.

Naturally, this blog is backing Eugene to win. You can help by texting* the word Eugene to 64404.

Why back Eugene? Not just because he’s geeky, but because he’s the only housemate who isn’t in some way malevolent or malicious – despite Derek Laud’s encouraging him to bitch about the rest of the house. Seeing the other contestants faces’ as Eugene launches into a monologue about radio components or rolling televisions is worth the price of voting alone. Those housemates – which is most of them, frankly – who place looks and clothes above being nice to people deserve to be taught a lesson. And Big Brother fans should appreciate setting the precedent that someone who enters the house halfway through the series can still go on to win.

Go on, text* Eugene to 64404.

(*Costs 35p more than a standard text. Please ask the permission of whoever pays the bill before texting. Your home is at risk, blah, blah, blah…)

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    Will, you need to mention that texts cost 35p plus your usual message rate.

  2. 2

    But that might put people off…

  3. 3

    well eugene is the best big brother house mate ever he is just so incredibly full of or information and annecdotes how can any one not find that inmpressive big brother should be dissapointed in that they only put him in at week 5 he should have been in from the start .if he was and he managed to survive till the final im sure that then he would have won the only reason i can think that he didnt win is because of him being a non-starter but that was not his fault he did not chose to be a non-starter and the puplic held this against him and that can be the only explination for him not winning i myself voted for him many times he really did deserve to win .i watched a lot of live big brother on e4 and he was the only one who was always entertaing most other housemates would just sit and not talk much for hours on end but not eugenius he has to talk and that was entertaining for me to watch and is’nt that the whole point of t.v entertainment and after all eugene is ,and hopefull will remain eugenius

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    I did vote for eugene after makosi had been knocked out. (I wish they would just use STV…) but you didn’t tell me he was a labour council candidate? still at least ALL the geeks aren’t in the lib dems.

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