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Thanks! Jun 22

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. A venerable mixture of work colleagues, Who fans, LibDems and assorted friends took the total raised to over £250.

The walk itself was a bit of a trial. In principle, walking 10km should have taken me under two hours and been quite relaxing. Three factors mitigated against this though:

  • Walking with over 4,500 other people, at the speed of the slowest.
  • Carrying my rucksack.
  • Wearing black as the temperature reached 33°C.

On the plus side, we did finish in the end (two-and-three-quarter hours after starting), at which point we took our rewards – a copy of Heat, a drink and three Bourbon biscuits – and retired to Jubilee Gardens by the London Eye.

Dan and I on the south bank

Although I look cheerful in the photo, my legs were killing me. They’re much better now although still a bit painful. But, hey, it’s for charity…

3 Responses

  1. 1

    Yay Will!!

  2. 2

    that photo doesn’t do you justice.

  1. […] Long time readers may recall that a little over a year ago, Cllr Dan and I did a sponsored walk for the HIV/AIDS charity Crusaid. I’m not taking part this year (mainly because I can’t afford a weekend in London) but Dan’s doing it again, on July 30th, and would like your money. He’s aiming to raise £500 and is over than halfway there already. If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can add 28% in gift aid to the value of your contribution at no cost to you. […]