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Paul Holmes is new chair of LibDem MPs Jun 16

Following an election amongst Liberal Democrat MPs, Paul Holmes, the MP for Chesterfield, has replaced Matthew Taylor as chair of the parliamentary party. Paul received 36 votes; Matthew got 23 votes.

This is an interesting outcome although it’s hard to know the reasons without being there. It could be that the MPs feel ideologically closer to Paul; or it could be backbencher’s flexing their muscles. Matthew Taylor suggests that it’s the latter:

“The Parliamentary party had a clear choice to make. They have decided to follow the route of the Conservative and Labour parties in choosing a backbench representative to chair their meetings.”

2 Responses

  1. 1

    poor matthew. I think it was a mistake to turn what was really a back bench position into a front bench one. its a useful title for the TV studio but a distinct role.

    I recall this change happend when he was shunted from being shadow chancellor. I hope he gets some thing else soon

  2. 2

    It was a front bench role when Mark Oaten had it before Math the question is will it know become a backbench on as Matthew suggests? Of course given he now has no job other than as a constituency MP Matthew is surely much more a back bencher than Paul.