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The Evil Hood May 17

Supposedly, all young people wear hoodies and baseball caps so their faces can’t be seen on CCTV. That suggests this line of logic:

1. Crime in shopping centres
2. CCTV is brought in to video ne’er-do-wells ne’er-do-wellin’
3. These young ne’er-do-wells wear clothes that hide their faces, frightening shoppers
4. Identities concealed from the CCTV, they go about their ne’er-do-well business

In which case, perhaps this would help:

1. Get rid of CCTV
2. Ne’er-do-wells revert to morning suits (top hats not permitted of course) and ball gowns
3. Shoppers are no longer frightened
4. Ne’er-do-wells do as much ne’er-do-wellin’ as above, but without shoppers experiencing The Fear

This is, of course, a flippant addition to the debate. As is suggesting that for the uglier chavs, it’s better for all of us that they keep their hoodies up.

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