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The curious incident of the blog in the night-time Aug 25

It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma (“Humphrey, I don’t care for that word”).

Martyn‘s uncovered evidence that the person or persons behind Gidley Watch has been campaigning with the LibDems in Hartlepool. Anders Hanson, on the other hand, quotes a “source in Hartlepool” who rejects this evidence, which puts us back to square one.

If (as reading between the lines on the website suggests), the Gidley Watch writer(s) are LibDem activists, I might well know them. If so and if you’re reading this, e-mail me 😉

Either way, I’m off to Hartlepool next week and will be taking my digital camera just in case La Gidley pays a visit at the same time so I can enter the photo competition being run by Gidley Watch (no sign of any entries so far so I may stand a chance). I doubt I’ll have the nerve to ask an MP to hold up an “I love Gidley Watch” sign for me though.

Update: I have replaced the relatively weak title of this entry with one that I hope is at least marginally wittier

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