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Less than 24 hours to save the Earth Aug 06

So the gimmick of popular US TV series 24 is that the story plays out in real time. In each hour long episode (about 42 minutes with ads removed), the characters race to save the world, blissfully unware that, as the beeping digital clock approaches the top of the hour, a shocking cliffhanger is inevitable.

Despite the events of each series taking place over one day, watching it on TV takes neary half a year. But not this time.

Saturday, 1pm – Sunday, 1pm: we will watch the third series of 24 – in just 24 hours.

The commercial breaks will provide for short rests and pizza ordering, but sleep is out of the question. Ridiculous twists (plus Coca Cola, Red Bull and Pro Plus) will keep us awake through the night. A digital clock on top of the TV will guide us in matching as closely as possible the time on screen.

Why attempt such a dramatic feat of human endurance?

Because we can.

Beep bip beep bip beep.

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