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YEP to joint administration Jul 08

With a little inspiration from Peter Black, I’ve made it into the Yorkshire Evening Post on the subject of the LibDem/Con/Green administration now running Leeds City Council:

It is worrying that several of your correspondents seem unable to accept the results of the local elections (although some of them appear to have neglected to mention that they are Labour councillors who lost their seats, which may be one explanation).

The first-past-the-post electoral system used for council elections had for years given Labour a dominance over Leeds far above its true support amongst voters. Even now, Labour’s share of seats is greater than its share of the vote.

The new administration can rightly claim to be the first council leadership in many years to truly have the support of the people of Leeds. Rather than sniping before a single policy decision has been taken, we should give them the chance to prove that pluralist politics can deliver for the city. The signs so far are positive.

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