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May the weak force be with you May 10

This nice little article by Frank Close appeared in today’s Guardian, summarises where we’ve got to in understanding the origins of the universe and identifying the tiniest of subatomic particles. I saw Professor Close give a very interesting lecture on a day trip when I was studying physics at school. He is notable for being probably the only scientist in the country whose name is an anagram of a breakfast cereal. Apart from Dr Kris Ricepies, of course.

I can recommend Frank Close’s book The Cosmic Onion. Out soon (which probably explains the Guardian article) is his new book, The Particle Odyssey.

Incidentally, I am posting this via the new Mail-to-Blogger system, so it may come out mangled…

Addendum: It did come out mangled because of line breaks in the e-mail, which particularly affected the HTML tags.

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