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I don’t think it’s really Edward Woodward Apr 14

I put Bad Girls on despite my better judgment, but only as background noise. As a result, I was watching ITV – sorry, ITV1 – again. Edward Woodward’s appearance in a trailer for Yet Another ITV Detective Series reminds me of an excellent scene in an episode of The Lone Gunmen I caught a bit of at the weekend. The Gunmen have received an e-mail with a cry for help. Edward Woodward plays the voice on the recording. (Quotes lifted from

Recording: “…We are victims of experimentation meant to alter the structure of our brains. Don’t allow me to die in this hateful, and immoral captivity. Please, help me to escape.”
Jimmy: “So, what do you think?”
Yves: “I think that’s Edward Woodward.” <The others looks blank> “Edward Woodward, the actor. He played The Equaliser on TV.”
Jimmy: “The guy from The Equaliser is being held by government scientists?”
Yves: “No. I think, perhaps, somebody is having a bit of fun with you.”
Jimmy: “This Equaliser guy, why is he messing with our heads?”
Byers: “Jimmy, I don’t think it’s really Edward Woodward.”

Well, it was funny at the time.

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