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CNPS woe Jun 19

Nearly two weeks without seeing a 25, and it was going so well. Most dispiriting.

Drenched Jun 01

Popped out for a relaxing walk this afternoon and I’m now absolutely soaked. It’s pouring with rain at the moment. It was drizzly a couple of days ago here and bright and sunny yesterday. Thoroughly inconsistent weather.

Saw a few Tory poster boards and some LibDem ones. No sign of anyone wanting to be seen promoting Labour around here. I was also relieved to spot a 21, which had seemed elusive.

Consecutive Number Plate Spotting May 22

As if coming up with colours for concepts wasn’t enjoyable enough, another excellent game to pass the time (or waste it) is Consecutive Number Plate Spotting, courtesy of TV’s Richard Herring. He has been playing for nearly 18 months and has passed the 700 mark. I’ve been playing for week and have reached 10. I will, of course, keep you up-to-date with my progress. If you’d like to join in, read the rules and get started!