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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29 Oct 29
  • Hacking cough. Hurts, but has broken into Sarah Palin’s email. (Sorry.) #
  • @anniemole Sorry! I may now have to rewatch Death Line – as I’m going to insist on calling it 🙂 – to see if my opinion’s changed. #
  • @DrPep Just wish it wasn’t US-only 🙁 #
  • The Radio 2 storm has been cooked up by the tabloids with the single aim of achieving the headline “Ross and Brand get the Sachs”. #
  • @secretlondon Oh yes. (Not that I’ve actually read about it anywhere but the BBC news site.) #
  • I am in love with Mobbler: Scrobbling from my N95 FTW. #
  • Coding is powered this afternoon by’s 007 Radio station. #
  • Aha! Big Bang Theory on E4. Two eps, then Dead Set. Excellent. #
  • Don’t care that Russell Brand’s resigned from the BBC. Do care that David Tennant’s leaving Doctor Who. #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-28 Oct 28
  • Blimey, it’s cold out. Fun video evening with Mr @nimbos. Homemade popcorn – nice. #
  • @anniemole Creep is a lot like Death Line, but much preferred the latter. #
  • @PBizzle Hear hear. Glad the BBC has apologised but should have known better in the first place. #
  • Grr to the blogger who posted a massive Spooks spoiler at the beginning of a post. How should spoiler etiquette work in the days of iPlayer? #
  • Akismet Stats on my blog shows a mahoosive increase in spam in the last week or so, peaking in nearly 7,000 in one day. #
  • Grrr. Bad data, dirty data, in your bed! #
  • Voicemail of the day: the succinct “Oh Jesus Christ.” #
  • @doctorvee What @qwghlm said. #
  • @nimbos Metal detector arches at London Bridge? Grr. Although if I was carrying a knife, I’d now know to go to Charing Cross 🙂 #
  • @giagia Anything can get 10,000 complaints to OFCOM if the popular press decide to demand it… #
  • @anniemole I really did, although it’s a long time since I’ve seen either. Mind the doors! #
  • @secretlondon 24 hours later London Bridge clock is still wrong. Wonder if I should tell someone . #
  • Damn, Dead Set over already for tonight. Weird seeing locations I walked round. #
  • For those wondering about meteorological conditions in south east London: it’s snowing. A bit. Don’t send the St Bernard just yet. #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-27 Oct 27
  • Surprise of morning train on time offset by delays on @jubileeline. Train to Charing Cross it is then. #
  • Apparently our toilet poltergeist has returned. #
  • Headlines on BBC News: “Global shares continue to slide” and “UK beer sales continue to slide”. Won’t somebody think of the breweries? #
  • Wondering if the credit crunch has lead to an increase in annoying sales calls. #
  • Easing myself back into object-oriented PHP. #
  • @nimbos Oh great 🙁 #
  • Code works. For some very slow values of works. #
  • London Bridge clock says 8pm. GMT FAIL. #
  • “Face like a Manchester morgue” – 10 points to Charlie Brooker for the zombie film ref! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-10-26 Oct 26
  • Watching one of my bits of software being thrown by the switch to GMT. #
  • Phew. For a minute there I thought we were out of gravy granules. #
  • More fifth season X-Files. Fancy some Wii action after. #
  • @markpack Excellent, thanks 🙂 #
  • Watching Stephen King’s It. #
  • @nimbos The similarity is quite notable 🙂 #
  • @wherenext Think I may have to give up before my brain melts. Have sent in my best shot so far. #
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