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Reds under the bed Sep 05

As if my distant connections to Tony Benn weren’t incriminating enough, here’s a relation by marriage sure to get me on to Joe McCarthy‘s little list.

John Edward Emile (Von) Holtorp (aka Emile Holtorp, aka Citizen Holtorp), is described on thus:

Holtorp, Emile — Polish émigré in London; member of the General Council of the International (October 1864-66), Corresponding Secretary for Poland (1864-65), delegate to the London Conference of the International (1865); in 1866 joined the International Republican Committee set up by Mazzini.

In 1898, my great-great-aunt Emily Baily married George Holtorp. Emile was his father. I feel the need for a chart.

Tree connecting me to Emile Holtorp

On the 1871 census, Holtorp describes his occupation as “Political refugee”, although on his son’s marriage certificate he is recorded as a draughtsman. As Corresponding Secretary for Poland of the International Working Men’s Association, he put his name, with Karl Marx’s, to such documents as a letter to President Johnson, a card for societies forming part of the Association, and an address to Abraham Lincoln.

4 Responses

  1. 1
    chris allen 

    If Emily Bailey was your great aunt she was my Great Grand Mother

  2. 2
    Pat Sandison 

    George Holtorp was my Great-Grandfather so Emily would have been my Great-Grandmother and how many children did they have

  3. 3
    Rachel Hosier 

    Thank you so much for posting this! Added some interest to my family tree….. Emile Holtorp is my great great great grandfather. George Leopold was the younger brother of my great great grandmother, Anitta Emily von Holtorp.

    Jean Edward Emile von Holtorp was the youngest of 15 children, born in Warsaw in 1835. His father, John Edward Holtorp, was physician to King Stanislaw August of Poland. The family can be traced back to 926.

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