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The Girl in the Cliche Jun 27

I watched the beginning of The Girl in the Cafe on Saturday night but quickly lost interest. Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald may as well have been playing their characters from State of Play, except Paul Abbott’s excellent script had been replaced by Richard Curtis’s lumbering dialogue, neither funny nor dramatic. It became pretty clear how the story would end:

  • Civil servant Nighy explains to “normal person” Macdonald how poor poor people in Africa are
  • World leaders refuse to suppot heroic Britain’s calls for more money for the poor people in Africa
  • Macdonald tells world leaders that as a “normal person” who Nighy met in a cafe, she’d like them to think for once about the poor people in Africa
  • They do.

There was no way I was staying around to see if the conclusion turned out as predicted, but fortunately Andrew Anthony from the Observer stuck with it:

Nighy played an adviser to the chancellor who falls awkwardly and chastely in love with a plain-speaking ingenue (Kelly Macdonald) whom he meets in a cafe. After he explains the iniquities of the global economy, she accompanies him to a G8 meeting in Iceland, where she takes the assembled heads of state to task and finally beds a nervous Nighy.

3 Responses

  1. You’re right about most of it, except the “They do” – the ending is ambiguous on this (but sod it, they probably do!)

  2. 2

    you are heartless and have no sense of wonder.

  1. […] Meanwhile, the Emmy Awards have been dished out. Kelly Macdonald won one for her role in the dreadful drama The Girl in the Cafe and Tony Shalhoub picked up another award for his starring role in the marvellous Monk (albeit as best comedy actor for something which really isn’t a comedy). I was particularly pleased to see Alan Alda win “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as Arnold Vinick in The West Wing (at least he won something), which, the Beeb tells me, makes The West Wing the joint biggest Emmy winner ever with Hill Street Blues. […]