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Day of the Triffids Apr 08

I’ve started watching the classic 1980s BBC adaptation of The Day of the Triffids.

Halfway in and despite the dodgy monster plants – and no realisation of a walking plant is ever going to seem true to life – it’s really rather good. John Duttine is a good lead and Maurice Colbourne and Stephen Yardley off of Howards’ Way and Davd Swift off of Drop the Dead Donkey have cropped up too.

There are clear similarities with 28 Days Later: Duttine’s character wakes in hospital to find the world changed and streets deserted. In this instance, most of the population have turned blind. The consequences shown are convincing and believable.

I’ll try to post a fuller review once I’ve watched the final three episodes.

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    I purchased the DVD because of John Duttine (loved him in “To Serve Them All My Days” and everything else I’ve managed to see him in). I don’t usually care for sci-fi that much, but I found this series very compelling. The triffids were pretty secondary though. What interested me more was the “how do you restart civilization” theme. Good performances and wonderfully eerie music and sound effects.