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National Poetry Day 6: My lovely phone Oct 08

I almost missed the fact that today is National Poetry Daythanks to Gary Gillatt for the reminder. Long time readers will know that each year I post an “original” poem (see 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008).

Having been caught unprepared, this is what I’ve knocked up, inspired by my new mobile.


So I touch touch touch
On the screen screen screen
It’s a bugger bugger bugger
To keep clean clean clean

My old phone phone phone
Was much blockier blockier blockier
I’ve had six six six
Years of Nokia Nokia Nokia

And thus i i i
Have to grapple grapple grapple
With the style style style
Of an Apple Apple Apple

Update: Helen requested this be set to music, so here’s an approximation. Note the lower video quality of the iPhone 🙂

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