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On referendums Mar 03

As referendums are in the news of late, I thought this excerpt from The Times of March 1911, which I stumbled upon yesterday (as you do), might be of interest:

With regard to Lord Balfour‘s Reference to the People Bill, it is expected that at least two days will be occupied by the second reading debate. It is probable that in Committee amendments will be moved limiting the scope of the measure, which as it stands would not only allow either House to demand a Referendum on any legislative proposal, but also gives that privilege to a minority of 200 members in the House of Commons. Some Unionists think that the purpose of the Bill will be served if it is confined to the setting up of the machinery for the Referendum, leaving for definition in further legislation the occasions on which it is to be resorted to.

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    Referenda, shoorly :-p
    Personally, I beleive that in general it’s up to Parliament to make the kind of calls a referendum may be called for. EXCEPT where one is promised as a manifesto pledge. I also have a particular problem at the moment because I beleive that the whip system means fundamentally that our MPs are putting the party line far too far above the views of the constituents they are supposed to represent.