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Whitefoot win Sep 13

Excellent news from Whitefoot ward in Lewisham where there was a council by-election today. Having been to help several times and having delivered goodness knows how many leaflets, I’m very pleased to report that Pete Pattisson has been elected as the newest Liberal Democrat councillor in the borough.

Labour will be very disappointed to have lost yet another by-election in Lewisham, especially having lost out to the Lib Dems last week in the Crystal Palace by-election, a ward that forms part of the new Lewisham West and Penge seat.

Well done to the team in Whitefoot!

Update: Here are the numbers.

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    Dan Houghton 

    And thank you William, for all your help during the campaign. Labour and the Tories threw the kitchen sink at this one – but, thankfully, residents decided to stick with us.