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That’s the marvellously becalming headline screaming from today’s Evening Standard boards. But I’m going to take the advice and will, fingers crossed, jump on a plane to Eastern Europe early tomorrow morning.

I’m a bit under the weather after some seriously long nights – I was awake for 29 hours on by-election night, from early morning delivery through the daylong campaign and the count (where I spotted Tory campaign chief Grant Shapps – I couldn’t quite see his box count sheet, but I’ve a suspicion it may have included the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4), to shooting a quick video with Ed Davey and a few drinks afterwards. Needless to say, the mood at Ealing HQ was very upbeat when we welcomed Nigel back, and the news of the great swing Greg, Ruth and the team pulled off in Sedgefield just added to the cheer.

Rather than catching up on sleep, I headed to a general election summit for party agents this weekend, where I did a number of training sessions. Really good morale there, and lots of fun had at David Cameron’s Conservatives’ expense as we read the weekend papers and caught bits of TV news. I got thrashed at pool, but you can’t have everything.

With the by-elections over, it’s back to relative normality next week, but first I’m off to Croatia, plus a couple of other countries, for some much-needed R&R.

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    Mark Pack 

    Is your flight number 1234?