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A bad day to be a Tory MP Mar 08

Not a good day for the Tories today.

First off, their sole Scottish MP, David Mundell, has been slagging off his Holyrood colleagues – albeit in a “confidential briefing paper”.

Said to be a briefing for David Cameron, it accuses MSPs of failing to understand the party’s new moderate approach and reportedly says: “There are more obvious problems than solutions emanating from Scotland from a party point of view.”

Mr Mundell said Miss Goldie made a “reasonable start” as leader but had begun to attract adverse comment for “lack of activity and strategic thought.”

Not news perhaps to those living in Scotland, but interesting to hear it from the country’s only Tory MP. Topping this off, though, Patrick Mercer, the Tory frontbencher, has quit after making comments about ethnic minority soldiers.

There’s more from the BBC.

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    The sad thing is Mundell is absolutely right! There is a real lack of anyone inspirational on the Tory front bench in Holyrood. The Scottish Tories are a waste of space. Goldie is, as predicted, a dull and grey leader. When so much is happening to improve the party in Westminster, it’s sad that the Scottish Tories are dragging their heels. Goldie seems more suited to being a Tory Cooncillor in some backwater town, rather than leader.