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A mayor, a mayor, my kingdom for a mayor Aug 04

So say the Conservatives, apparently, who have delayed their London mayoral selection by six months. Their excuse, courtesy of Francis Maude, is that

We have also received expressions of interest from a number of very serious potential candidates for whom the timescale we originally set is too restrictive.

Everyone else well assume, not unreasonably, that the Tories aren’t happy with those who’ve put their names forward, none of whom will be familiar to most voters. If the party high command isn’t enthused about them, it’s hard to see how the electorate will be.

We’re told the most well known is Nicholas Boles, a Cameronista who failed to win Hove at the General Election. Londoners will be understandably suspicious of the commitment to the capital of any candidate who contested a parliamentary seat in a different city just last year.

As for those put off by the timescale – clearly these potential candidates would each make for a very decisive mayor…

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