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Sad news Feb 10

Sad news from Digital Spy: Amstell and Oliver quit C4’s Popworld. Who will make stuck-up “celebs” look foolish now? Apart from Celebrity Big Brother, obviously…

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  1. 1

    The higlight for me of last weeken’s TV viewing was on Popworld:

    Amstell on hearing Leo Sayer singing wanders out of the studio and into his (Sayer’s – he is a guest) dressing room.

    On entering, Leo freezes and stares in disbelief.

    “Simon!”, says Leo
    “Father!” says Amstell

    They hug.

    It was truly beautiful.

  2. 2

    After the smash hits shick another pop culture pillar of my life is axed. lets hope the baby jesus has smiled on the smstell radio 2 format that was tested over christmas.

  1. […] AAAARRRRGH. Simon and Miquita are leaving Popworld (via). I love Simon and Miquita — they really make pop stars work hard for their respect. It is so refreshing compared to the endless sycophancy you get on other programmes. Weekend mornings will never be the same again. […]