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Hip to the beat Nov 10

In a break with recent programming tradition, Channel 4 have done a poll on something. This time it’s the greatest live gigs. Ever. I recall there was barnstorming rendition of Greensleeves in the 16th century – shockingly that’s been omitted from this list.

Having discovered I’m terribly unfashionable as I own nothing by anyone in the top 8 biggest UK album sellers since 2000 (erroneously labelled “of the 21st century”), I’m pleased to be able to state that I was actually present for one of the top 10 greatest gigs. My age dictates that it was number 10: Radiohead at Glasonbury in 1997.

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    Mmmm. I tsk’d too when I saw the trailer talking about ‘of the 21st century’. Glad to see I’m not alone in still feeling like the world was happy to be hoodwinked by nice matching numbers. Bah!

    Summarised nicely here:

    …that I get unduly excited that my car’s milometer is rapidly approaching 6,666 miles is *entirely* beside the point.

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    Tim Worstall (via Trackback)

    Sad and Out of Touch.

    I am absolutely delighted to be able to point out quite how sad and out of touch I am. The top ten best selling album perpetrators (via No Geek is an Island) in the UK over the past five years: