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Today I will be mostly complaining about DOGs Aug 09

…and you can too.

I have for a few years been a member of LogoFreeTV but I’d long ago resigned myself to the continued existence of the digital on-screen graphic (DOG) in the corner of my television – or rather, on widescreen TV, floating in the middle of the screen. These DOGs are apparently intended to let viewers know which channel they’re watching, but since anyone with digital also has an electronic programme guide that tells them which channel they’re on (and, more usefully, the programme), DOGs are redundant.

To add insult to injury, BBC Three News has published a story about DOGs that treats anyone who disagrees with the Beeb’s enthusiasm for them with contempt.

In a world where international terrorism, indiscriminate murder and global poverty are facts of life, you might think people would have more important things to worry about than little logos in the top corner of their television screen.

Alas, no.

Those little graphics displaying the names of all your favourite digital channels – BBC Three, MTV, Bid-Up TV, UK Living – technically known as Digital Originated Graphics (DOGs) are the cause of much consternation among certain viewers.

Just don’t call them geeks who should get a life…
Of course, if you still don’t like it, you can always complain.

Yes, they provide a link to complain (which others have done before). So let’s do it. Have a read of the whole story and then please join my in complaining about DOGs, and in particular about this gratuitously snide article.

Update: Victory! The story has now been rewritten and is much more balanced and less offensive. Like Sam Beckett, the Beeb have put right what once went wrong.

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  1. 1
    James Bee 

    My complaint’s in, had forgotten about the Logofree TV campaign a long time ago, good to see it’s still going.

  2. Any TV station broadcasting original or ‘premium’ content (as they like to call it), wants that DOG so that when the content eventually makes it’s way onto Bittorrent the viewers of that torrent will know where the content originally came from. The DOG is a nuicance to all, but to some extent can offset the cost of piracy.

    I would personally rather watch my TV for free on BitTorrent any day.

  3. 3

    I’ve never really had a problem with DOGs. The new BBC Three one was a bit of a shock though!

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