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I still can’t believe it’s not Sunset Beach Mar 31

One of the first posts on this blog, nearly a year ago, was about Footballers Wives, specifically comparing its ludicrousness to Sunset Beach.

With the return of the fourth series, the similarities continue. Specifically, Tanya Turner has swapped babies with her nemesis Amber, a plot lifted straight out of SB, in which Caitlin’s son – Troy, the same name as one of the babies in Footballers Wives – turns out to have been borne by her mother (a loony Lesley-Anne Down, who could give even Zoe Lucker a run for her money).

On reflection, I really can’t believe I watch this rubbish…

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    Yeah, I got the same kind of realisation when I realised that Cutting It had the exact same story lines as bits of Jilly Cooper noels.

    Made me realise I knew both of them far too well.